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Alternative Health Therapies, Inc.

Dr. Mayda E. Carrillo

(727) 449-9090

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Alternative Health Therapies, Inc.

Alternative Health Therapies, Inc.

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1201 Sheridan Rd.
Clearwater, Florida 33755
Phone: (727) 449-9090  Fax: (727) 449-9090
Mayda E. Carrillo, R.N., D.O.M., NCCAOM Dipl., N.D., Dipl.
Email: althealththerapies@yahoo.com
Alternative Languages Spoken: Spanish




Clearwater AcupunctureThe main healing content is that we do not use any drugs, only Classical Homeopathy, Homotoxicology, Chinese Herbal Medicine (raw or pill form), Vitamin or Herb supplements.
Dr. Carrillo has devoted her training to “Natural Healing Modalities” that will give the client the power to care for themselves through methods that will give them freedom from pain and illness by correcting the imbalances of the body through non-harmful medicines (supplements) along with different modalities that will nourish and enrich the cell’s energy of the body.

Acupuncture is used to reduce pain, reduce inflammation, increase blood flow, increase range of motion, and decrease side effects of medications that could not be tolerated, promotes relaxation in an anxious patient and reduces muscle spasms while releasing endorphins for pain. The needles used are very thin; about the size of a hair strand and as all Acupuncturist use, are disposable sterile needles which are never used twice. The needles are put into a bio-hazard box. Acupuncture is also used in pre- and post-surgery. It is a fast and effective rehabilitation healing modality. Dr. Carrillo is a pain specialist, working with athletes, trainers and professional athletes though the manipulation of the muscles, tendons and skeletal system without causing more pain.

Alternative Health Therapies Services


  • Health

  • Nutrition

  • Exercise

  • Mental Health


  • Oriental

  • Neuromuscular

  • Therapeutic / Stretching

  • Lymphatic Drainage

  • Bio-Cranial

  • Shiatsu

  • Hara

  • Reflexology

  • Reiki


  • Disposable Sterile Needles

  • Auriculotherapy (ear)

  • Medical QiGong

  • Colorpuncture

  • Acutron

  • Elecronic Muscle Stimulator

  • Acupressure

  • Cupping

  • Herbal Moxa

  • Magnetic Therapy


  • Injectables (for quicker and permanent relief)

  • Mesotherapy

  • Facial Rejuvenation

Other Therapies

  • Organ Testing - Laboratory and Muscle

  • Ultrasound

  • Cold Laser

  • Bio Cranial Therapy

  • Contact Reflex Analysis

  • Kinesio Taping Therapy

  • Neuro-Kinesiology

  • Bach Flower Diagnosis & Remedy

  • Essential Oil Therapy

  • Sound, Color, Tuning Fork Therapies

  • Lithotherapy - (stone energy therapy)

Alternative HealthWe also treat many conditions, such as colds, flu, facial paralysis, migraines, sinusitis, infections, prostate, bladder / kidney, menstrual, headaches, hypertension, angina, pectoris, anxiety, insomnia, inflammation, dizziness, thyroid, liver, spleen, bronchitis, chronic fatigue syndrome, emotional condition, hemorrhoids, sprains, broken bones, neck misalignment, shoulder misalignment, hip misalignment, pre- and post-surgery and many other conditions.

We offer Homotoxicology & Classical Homeopathy, Chinese Herbal Medicine, Vitamin & Herb Supplements. These products are chosen because of the quality of the product and the healing effects without harming your system today, tomorrow, or ten years from now. They are safe, non-toxic, non-addictive, non-habit forming and most are FDA approved.

Clearwater Massage


  • Acupuncture: Florida License – AP 712

  • Naturopathic

  • Nursing: Florida License

Recent Professional Certification

  • Acupuncture Injection Therapy

  • Cold Laser Acupuncture

  • Homotoxicology and Homeopathy

  • Auriculotherapy

  • Bio Cranial

  • Sclerotherapeutic Pain Management

Memberships/ Affiliations:

  • Florida State Oriental Medical Association (FSOMA)

  • National Certification Commission for Acupuncture and Oriental Medicine (NCCAOM)

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Phone: (727) 449-9090
1201 Sheridan Road, Clearwater, Florida 33755

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